Need meatless recipes for picky kids

a Whole Foods Market Customer


thirteenJ April 27, 2013
Lentils make a great "ground beef" substitute.
Mix them with elbow macaroni and tomato sauce.
Add whatever herbs or sauteed chopped veggies (onion,celery,pepper) they will eat!
QueenSashy April 25, 2013
My daughter loves whole grain pasta or couscous with vegetables and olive oil. So we rotate the veggies on a daily basis (broccoli, cauliflower, tomato, peas, zucchini, corn). Veggie latkes are also most welcomed (you can pretty much rotate almost all of the above, plus the carrots). Chickpeas in tomato sauce. Oven grilled veggies (carrots, sweet potatoes or zucchini) with some grated cheese on top.
creamtea April 25, 2013
Mine have always loved: bean chili w/rice. Chickpeas. raw vegetables dipped in humus.
Bevi April 25, 2013
My kids loved: pasta in peanut sauce, pesto pasta, homemade pizzas (that's one way they ate their vegetables!), vegetable tempura, fruit kebobs with honey yogurt dipping sauce, and rice pilaf with veggies, nuts, and raisins.
em-i-lis April 25, 2013
hi there, my kids love all of the following...
pita w/ any/all: hummus, tabbouleh, cucumbers, falafel, tzaziki
whole wheat pasta w/ pesto
yogurt/fruit/granola sundaes
red beans and rice
guacamole and cheese quesadillas
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