The kids want to make a flag cake for 4th potluck--need an easy, foolproof cake recipe I can make w/ kids & still make it to the parade

You know, the kind with the white icing, blueberries and strawberries...was thinking chocolate dump it cake, but my husband freaks at the sight of mayonnaise...



Bevi July 4, 2011
You can use the instructions to decorate the cake from Ina's recipe, but make any cake you want:
lorigoldsby July 4, 2011
I'd eat a slice of the Belle Folley cake any day of the week!
emclaugh1 July 3, 2011
You could always make what my family calls Jello cake. We bake a small white sheet cake. Then when the cake is cooled you add still hot cherry jello to one half of it and then blueberry jello to the other. When you're done top it with whipped cream. Its just so satisfying and easy to make. While you're at the parade the jello can solidify in the cake. Its a nice summer cake, I believe, because who wants a heavy chocolate cake in the middle of the summer.
courtneycarlson July 3, 2011
Ha--the husband will be lurking about and will no doubt spy the mayo. That or my 7 year old would just tell him. Belle foley's cake is perfect. I remember reading it when it was first posted because the intro is so beautiful. Thanks so much @boulangere
boulangere July 3, 2011
Alternatively, take a look at my Belle Foley's Chocolate Cake. Basically the same idea without the mayo. Always a slam-dunk success.
boulangere July 3, 2011
Well he won't see it inside the cake, now, will he? Make the cake. Ice it with whipped cream. Decorate it with red and blue berries and call it a July 4 Cake.
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