I am making a carrot cake recipe that should be made in three 9-inch round, 2-inch deep cake pans, and baked for 40-50 mins at 325 degrees.

I plan to use two deep 8-inch pans instead, and my oven is fan-forced and tends to be a bit "fast" anyway, .... how would you vary the cooking time and/or temp?

(I hate that EVERY cake recipe I try seems to need a new set of pans to accommodate.... :)



tellmeaboutfood November 24, 2010

@chefdaniel I think you're right about the convection oven.

@debabs I will measure the pans' sides, they're pretty deep from memory, but I will definitely take heed of your message -- don't overfill!
drbabs November 24, 2010
How deep are your 8" pans? They'll have to be about 4" deep to accommodate the same amount of batter. (Or you could make cupcakes with the leftover batter!) If they're deeper, they may take a little longer. Keep the temperature the same and start checking at bout 45-50 minutes.
chefdaniel November 24, 2010
Your convection oven will be faster so you should be alright going with that time. Use the toothpick method to test it before removing it. I have bought so many pans I think I may need a special cabinet for storing them.
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