why did my cake sink in the middle?

So bummed:(. I made a cake from the NYT - dump it cake and it called for a bundt pan, but after reading other bakers comments I decided to use 2 nine inch round cake pans to make a double layer... What did I do wrong? Still new to baking and I love trying new recipes... Will this affect the taste?

Ellie Landau


BerryBaby December 25, 2016
You probably have already fixed this but here is another suggestion. I keep canned cherries, mandarin oranges, coconut, nuts, etc. for 'emergency' fixes. I have spread a thin layer of frosting and placed the cherries (or other fruit/nuts/coconut depending on the cake flavor) in the sunken center. I'd frost the whole cake and fill the center last. Be sure to drain the fruit to prevent running.
Ellie L. December 25, 2016
thank you all so very much!!!
Ellie L. December 25, 2016
Will this affect how it tastes?? Since its a double layer can I "hide" the sinking middle? Use extra icing to even it out??? Oye.... Making this for our Hanukkah celebration today...
Lindsay-Jean H. December 25, 2016
If it's only slightly sinking, extra icing might be able to help hide it, otherwise, serve it sliced and no one will notice the middle (possibly with a dollop of whipped cream for additional concealing powers). If it's really sunken you can always turn it into a trifle: https://food52.com/blog/11890-how-to-make-a-trifle-without-a-recipe (which has the added benefit of getting to taste it).
Nancy December 25, 2016
Yes, if the cake is cooked through - even tho with sunken centers - you may use icing or something else between the layers. I think something else (whipped cream, lemon curd, whipped ricotta or cream cheese) would be better than icing between the layers...lighter texture, no or less sugar. Then use icing on top and sides.
If the centers are not cooked, pare and discard them. Then cut the cake into pieces and use them to make a trifle, charlotte, tiramisu or other pudding-like dessert.
Happy hanukkah.
Lindsay-Jean H. December 25, 2016
There are a lot of tips for preventing a cake from falling in these two threads: https://food52.com/hotline/9287-what-is-your-best-trick-to-keep-a-cake-from-falling and https://food52.com/hotline/6380-what-causes-a-cake-to-sink-in-the-middle-for-the-last-6-months-any-loaf-type-cake-has-been-sinking -- it seems like one common culprit is not creaming the butter and sugar for long enough.
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