Boneless butterfly pork chops

I have several butterflied boneless pork chops in the freezer. Does anyone have any recipe suggestions (marinade/how to cook) for them? Unfortunately, we do not have a grill. Thanks!



inpatskitchen April 28, 2013
How about pork piccata? Follow a basic recipe for chicken piccata, making sure you pound the pork first to get thin even slices.
amysarah April 28, 2013
Not a specific recipe, but if they're butterflied, you could stuff them with fresh sage leaves, a slice of prosciutto, a bit of cheese (fontina, provolone, etc.) Saute until cooked through, remove to a plate to keep hot, and make a reduction in the same pan with white wine, or marsala, to spoon over the top.
jmburns April 28, 2013
I use the recipe here on Food52 called Herb Crusted Pork Chops with Balsamic Onions. Very easy and quick. I do not always make the balsamic onions and they still good. Sorry I do not know how to post links.
thirteenJ April 27, 2013
Make individual roulades. Search "roulade"
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