carrot cake recipe, 3 C carrots, 2 C flour, 2 sugar etc., calls for 8x12 pan, do I double for funnel pan?



toddnyc May 16, 2013
Thank you! My brain simply froze when I pondered what size pan to use. Finally found a recipe I think replicates my grandmother's carrot cake, and yes, I meant tube or bundt pan, she simply called it the funnel pan. What I have is her 9" tube pan. Alas, all her recipes were lost in a house fire. But I persevere, have a delicious day!
Monita May 16, 2013
An 7x11x2 rectangular pan holds about 8 cups of batter. When you say "funnel pan" do you mean a tube or bundt pan? A 9" bundt hold 9 cups and a 9" tube hold 10 cups. I don't think you need to change the recipe if you are using any of those.
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