Do pickles have nutrients?

a Whole Foods Market Customer


Pegeen May 20, 2013
Yes, cucumbers have nutrients. Also pretty good fiber so if you dislike other vegetables, load up. You may also want to try Italian "giardiniera," a combination of pickled cauliflower, carrots, olives, etc. Although pickled foods are not ideal, as mentioned above, if you need to eat low-sodium, since salt is a key ingredient in pickling juice.
thelittlechef May 20, 2013
they have very few calories. cucumbers are largely water and so is the solution that pickles are preserved in, look to the 'sauce' that the pickles have been canned in for nutrients not to the cucumbers themselves for your answer.
dymnyno May 20, 2013
Pickles are good for you in that they satisfy a craving for salt that a bag of potato chips will also satisfy....but a bag of potato chips is probably not good for you. (but I love them)
petitbleu May 20, 2013
Some would argue that any fermented pickle (such as kimchi, as mentioned above, or sauerkraut) is good for you due to the probiotics and good bacteria found in them. Other pickled things aren't "bad" for you, though. I wouldn't look to pickles, however, for their nutritive value. They sure are tasty, though!
pierino May 19, 2013
Are you talking about old fashion barrel style or mason jar type? Well, those are made with cucumbers. But then there are pickles and there are pickles. Kimchi is a pickle and it's pretty damn good for you.
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