How many teaspoons (or tablespoons) are equivalent to .25 ounces ?



Lisa P. June 23, 2017
How many teaspoons equal .25 ounces of a solid
Mark S. May 20, 2019
If you are referring to yeast then 2.25 teaspoons (volume) approx = .25 ounce (weight)
boulangere May 21, 2013
It depends whether you are inquiring about liquid or dry ounces/weights. Which are you looking for?
minibakersupreme May 21, 2013
2 Tablespoons = 1 ounce. This is very helpful to memorize for multiplying recipes!
ChezHenry May 21, 2013
You are comparing volume and weight, thats like apples and oranges. A tablespoon of one product will not necesarily weigh the same as a different item. In order to give you the proper answer, we would need to know what you are measuring.
susan G. May 21, 2013
The answer above is for volume measurements. If the ounce is measuring weight, you'd have to weigh the item.
MDF May 20, 2013
Using a kitchen scale to measure by weight is far more accurate, as different foods are different weights.
pierino May 20, 2013
Here's the irony; we are still stuck with English measures of length and volume even though they've been on the metric system for more than forty years.

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Fortunata May 20, 2013
.25 oz = 1.5 teaspoons

P.S. Google will do conversions for you. Type ".25 oz in teaspoons" and it will give you your answer.
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