Lucky peach?

This is more advice than question. Yesterday issue #7 arrived with a card telling me that it is time to renew. They are transferring away from McSweeny's and Momofuku it appears will be handling everything themselves. I called McSweeny and person I spoke with said, "this is not the smoothest transition ever." If you follow the link you can't actually "renew" your subscription, you have to initiate a new one. McSweeny's is a well run company but perhaps Chang thought he was paying too much for what McSweeny provides in marketing and fulfillment. Perhaps not wise. But that's how publishing works.



Pegeen May 24, 2013
Note to Momofuku: do not transition the Customer Service person who blabbed, to the new operation. Yikes.
healthierkitchen May 24, 2013
I'm just going to buy it at my local bookstore and not subscribe any longer.
Hilarybee May 24, 2013
I've been putting it off, thinking that it was coming. The subscription was a special christmas gift, so I definitely want my last issue.
Hilarybee May 24, 2013
I still haven't received my #7 and I'm not sure that I ever will >(
mrslarkin May 24, 2013
Hillary, email customer service at McSweeney's. They were pretty prompt when I contacted them in the past.
mrslarkin May 24, 2013
Thanks for the tip Pierino. Got mine a couple days ago. Based on past delivery problems, their fulfillment dept hasn't been the sharpest tool in the shed. Maybe Chang just got fed up with McSweeney's.

Still haven't been able to track down issue #1. Bummed.
pierino May 24, 2013
Mrs. Larkin, I just checked and they no longer have any copies of #1. When they did they were really, really expensive. At the same time, subsequent issues are available at cover price.
kam December 29, 2016
hey there, I realize this is an old post but I have Issue # 1 up for sale. Let me know if you're still interested...
Midge May 24, 2013
Thanks for the heads-up pierino. I was just thinking last night as I was devouring #7 that LP was almost too good to be true. Hope it stays that way. Loving the travel issue.
prandial May 24, 2013
Have you made any recipes from Lucky Peach? I enjoy reading the articles and interviews. I find it enriches my life and/or knowledge of the food industry and/or lets me be a fly on the wall when chefs talk with each other. How do you read it?
pierino May 24, 2013
What I like most about Lucky Peach is its edge. Which is what I try to incorporate into my own writing on food and travel. Chang is my favorite American chef but close behind is Roy Choi who contributes to #7. I'm an ex-LA home boy and I still love the place. So does Choi who apparently has an autobiography coming called, I think, "L.A. Son." Very cool guy and a terrific chef.
By the way, if you can find a used copy of issue #1 it will set you back about $250. I mean I could buy a really good Japanese knife for that much money!
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