Have you picked up Lucky Peach #4 yet?

Way cool as always and Nozlee of Food52 has a piece in there too. This is the hippest food mag ever. It sets the bar.

  • Posted by: pierino
  • June 29, 2012


healthierkitchen July 6, 2012
It just arrived and I will quickly look for Nozlee's piece. Congrats!!
Reiney July 6, 2012
I love something that can make me exclaim out loud with wonder. "Milk powder in meatballs & hamburgers! Oh my goodness I have to try that NOW!"
susan G. July 5, 2012
So it did come, today. A long skim tells me that LP is ripening. It has a more balanced feel that the past issues (to me, of course). Can they keep this up?
Yay Nozlee!
Kitchen B. July 5, 2012
Oh yes........I did get issue 4 on your advice, and on the gentle persuasion from the restaurant staff when I feasted at the Ssam bar a mere week ago, and only a day before I met up with most of the Food52 folks, including Nozlee! Once I am over the jet lag, I'll tuck in brain first.
boulangere July 5, 2012
My favorite issue so far, along with #1. Only magazine I read cover-to-cover.
pierino July 5, 2012
For what it's worth a used copy of issue #1 goes for around $250, new about $350. I was trying to fill out my collection but oh well, I'll keep looking.
Midge July 5, 2012
I think the last time I felt the same sort of giddy anticipation when I got my hands on a magazine was back in 5th grade when Dynamite hit our classroom. Wylie Dufresne's ode to/recipe for American cheese reminded me of your recent thread, pierino. And yay Nozlee! Look forward to reading your piece!
Nozlee S. July 5, 2012
Just seeing this -- thanks for the shoutout, pierino! Love the tags you picked, too.
Reiney July 2, 2012
Finally got it this morning so haven't made much of a dent in it yet. But, loving the Choose Your Own Adventure - hilarious. And the piece on Khmer donut shops (/ food) - poignant, bemused and thoughtful all at the same time.

Without a doubt the best food writing out there.

If you haven't yet seen it, from the same people that publish Lucky Peach, McSweeney's:
chevre&miel July 6, 2012
Thanks for the link. I love that instagram rant. I've definitely formed a big pet peeve of people who always take pictures of their food--all of a sudden everyone believes they are an artistic photographer & expert foodie...
susan G. June 30, 2012
Why hasn't my subscription copy come yet? Maybe they think I can't wait and will rush out and buy it?
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