gelatin in marshmallows

As I was buying a couple bags of marshmallows at the store yesterday, a friend of mine on line behind me was horrified at the sight, stating gelatin is made of "bad stuff, and it's bad for you!" I said, yes, I know it's made from parts of animals, and no, it's not bad for you. She asked if there was a non-animal gelatin, specifically for use in marshmallows. I didn't know. So, does anyone know?



sexyLAMBCHOPx May 29, 2013
Thanks so much, MrsL!
mrslarkin May 29, 2013
The store I mentioned in Vista is a Greenwich Produce, so their Greenwich store might be a little more extensive - I'm not sure. You'll find everything in Scarsdale. Or you can drive to Flushing if you want to do a day trip - very good Asian markets and restaurants there.
sexyLAMBCHOPx May 29, 2013
Hi! I need one with an meat dept. I've been focusing on Chinese, Korean & Japanese food these days. I go through phases, lol. Also perfecting my wonton for soup and playing with wonton wrappers. Still haven't nailed down the broth yet to my liking. I had a small store in Darien but Whole Foods ran 'em out of business quick. I may post on chowhound before going to Scarsdale.
sexyLAMBCHOPx May 29, 2013
Hi Mrs. Larkin - I tried sending you a message but couldn't. Can you recommend an Asian grocery near us? I'm in Darien, CT. Thanks!
mrslarkin May 29, 2013
Hello sexy. When I want a really good, extensive Asian grocery store, I schlep down to Scarsdale and go to New Golden Village on Central Ave. But around here, it's slim pickings. You can try the Asian grocery in Vista (South Salem, NY) on 123, just passed New Canaan/Norwalk border. They have good produce, and some Asian grocery items. There's also one on that same road, in Norwalk, that I've passed hundreds of times on my way to Costco, but haven't ever tried it. Let me ask my husband's cousin who lives in Greenwich. She is Chinese and her hubby is Korean, and may know of something up here.

What are you making?? I'm being nosy.
Hilarybee May 29, 2013
Le Sanctuaire is a good product. It is firmer than traditional gelatin, so adjust accordingly. There is also this breakdown, should your friend want a traditional gelatin free dessert like Jello or Panna Cotta
mrslarkin May 28, 2013
Thanks, you guys. I'll pass on the info next time I see her, or next time she's behind me judging my marshmallow consumption. Maedl, I think she was horrified that I would buy something made with cartilage, bones, hooves, etc. Honestly, if she knew half the stuff I've eaten in my entire life, I think she would have run screaming.
HalfPint May 28, 2013
Mrs Larkin, what on Earth does she think is in meat broth and stock?
mrslarkin May 28, 2013
I have no idea! I thought of that, too. :) What's so bad about eating the whole animal? As a meat eater, I find that more respectful, anyway. Am I wrong?
Maedl May 28, 2013
what was her beef about gelatine--why is it bad for you? If her problem is only that it is not vegetarian, then you can google 'vegetarian marshmallows' or 'vegan marshmallows'. You might also google 'kosher marshmallows'. Frankly, I would worry more about the sugar than the gelatine.
HalfPint May 28, 2013
Here's a recipe with agar agar,
HalfPint May 28, 2013
Forgot to add that agar agar is made from seaweed, just in case you were wondering.
HalfPint May 28, 2013
Yes, you can use agar agar, though I am unaware of one specifically designed for marshmallows. The agar works ok. The resulting marshmallows aren't as puffy.
hardlikearmour May 28, 2013
Well, there is a thing called "Genutine":
And a recipe for vegan marshmallows that uses it:
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