What is bubble tea?

Patricia Hinestrosa


bigpan June 21, 2013
Next time you walk past a bubble tea house put on your brave pants and ask for a sample. Most shops will gladly give you a bit to try. If not, buy one and enjoy.
With many things Asian, it is not all about taste but also mouth texture and feel, it will feel different to you but I think you will enjoy.
Chef L. June 20, 2013
Thank you for asking. I've been meaning to do so. Thanks, also, for the answer.
HalfPint June 20, 2013
Originally I think it was black tea and sweetened condensed milk. You put the mixture over ice. The bubble part are these black tapioca pearls that have been cooked until they swell and soften into gelatinous little balls with a slightly chewy texture. The drink is served with a ~1/4 c tapioca balls added to the cup. The straw used to sip the drink is very wide to allow you to suck up the tapioca 'bubbles' and drink & chew your way to contentment. You can get the drink in like 20 different flavors, not just tea and milk. I like the lychee flavor and the taro flavor 'tea'.
Here's what it looks like,
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