what to do with tea after soaking raisins

I just soaked some raisins and dried cherries in tea for a bread. I saved the tea after straining the dried fruit. Is there anything I can do with the tea? Thanks.

A Lee
  • Posted by: A Lee
  • March 17, 2021


Lori T. March 17, 2021
Make a rice pudding? Or use it as as part of a marinade. I imagine it would be tasty with chicken or pork. There are also various recipes to make cakes using tea as the liquid component. King Arthur did a bit about using tea to bake with, for one place to start.
Gammy March 17, 2021
Soaked raisins are supposed to help with arthritis... I'd drink the raisin tea!
Nancy March 17, 2021
Taste it. If you like, add to hot tea, iced tea or a smoothie.
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