Why is my cake not rising?

I've been making my chocolate chip cake from scratch for 35 years, and it's always been great. Lately, it's not rising. What's the problem? The oven has a stand-alone thermometer (350°F). The cake tins are new, professional non-stick which I grease (butter) and flour. My old tins are professional, not non-stick, and I grease and flour them. I cleaned them with SOS for years. The baking powder is brand-new. Could over-beating be a problem? Can you think of anything that could cause this problem? I've also had the exact same problem lately with my genoise (no baking powder, just separated eggs).



stagneskitchen July 6, 2013
Replace your baking soda and powder at least once per year.
HalfPint July 5, 2013
I guessed that the baking powder was the culprit since you did have any problems with your genoise.
HalfPint July 5, 2013
Sorry that should be ' did not have probs with the genoise'
HalfPint July 5, 2013
Test the baking powder by stirring a spoonful into water. It should bubble vigorously. If not, get another one. Just because it's new doesn't mean it hasn't gone bad.
schwartzsrc July 5, 2013
Good point. I did the test, and it hardly
bubbled!! I'll get a new one tomorrow. Thanks! Note--my non-rising genoise doesn't use baking powder or baking soda, only eggs.
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