Top of cake puffed and collapsed

I baked a coconut pound cake yesterday. It was a low heat 325 bake.. It looked beautiful when I took it out of the oven. It did take a little longer to bake than the recipe specified. I put it on a rack to cool and when I went back to it the top had collapsed. Obviously it had puffed up during the bake but when I tested it there was no indication of that. The cake itself was good but did show some moist spots when sliced.
I'd appreciate any feedback on what might cause this. I've had it happen before with other things. It wasn't for a contest but all the same presentation is important too.
The rising agents were a tsp of baking powder and six eggs. Wet ingredients were yogurt, coconut milk and two sticks of butter. Dry were flour, sugar, salt and the baking powder.
Thanks for any help on this.



Miss_Karen April 5, 2020
Over beating the batter was suggested as a possible culprit. Likewise, not enough salt....
Mkilfoyle April 5, 2020
Im thinking i could have over beaten it. It did show signs of underbaking too. The tester came out clean but the cake was definitely moist in spots. I don’t think I’ll be making this again.
Miss_Karen April 5, 2020
Google: 'why cakes collapse' there are a lot of articles on this subject + various 'fixes'
Mkilfoyle April 5, 2020
thanks I will do that maybe someone will address this issue. The cake itself was fine.
Miss_Karen April 5, 2020
Google does address 'why the pond cake fell/sank in the middle.'
Miss_Karen April 5, 2020
Do you live above 4000 ft elevated? Sounds like a bit too much leavener.... One of the adjustments You might try is increase the oven temperature about 25 degrees while the oven is preheating. Then turn it down to the required temp when you put your item in to bake.
Mkilfoyle April 5, 2020
No just the opposite. I live in Florida.. The cake itself didn't collapse it was this puffy top it got whilst baking.
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