Restaurant recommendations in Kehei, Maui?



boulangere July 24, 2013
Thank you all very much. The son and his bride will be spending their honeymoon there in a couple of weeks, and I wanted to give them an elegant night out.
dymnyno July 24, 2013
For an elegant night out Spago is without a doubt the best. Second would be Capische. Freddy and I had a house nearby for 12 years in Makena which is very close to Kihei.
lloreen July 24, 2013
It isn't a restaurant, but if you have a condo with a kitchen, the best place to get fresh local fish is Eskimo Candy. They have really fabulous fresh fish - much better than what you can get at the supermarket and on par with the best restaurants. Also, I think it is worth the drive to Paia, where there is a great little organic market and lots of cute shops. That is where mama's fish house is as well - food is good, not spectacular, but you really cannot beat the setting out on the beach.
dymnyno July 24, 2013
Yes! Eskimo Candy has the best and freshest seafood. They also make lunch. The market in Paia is Mana Market. Another great (if not the best) location to watch the sunset with views of Molakini, Kahalawui and Lanaii is Gannon's, which is owned by Bev Gannon. It is way up at the top of Walaia Golf Drive.(very close to Kihei)
boulangere July 24, 2013
Thank you kindly, everyone.
bigpan July 24, 2013
In Kihei try Bistro 808 - take your own wine. In Wialea the outdoor restaurant at sunset at the Four Seasons.
petitbleu July 24, 2013
We really enjoyed the Monkeypod, which is not in Kihei but close enough to warrant the drive. Great cocktails and very good fish tacos.
dymnyno July 23, 2013
Lost of good restaurants in Kihei, Maui. Sarrento's which is right on the beach is very good and a beautiful restaurant. Sansei is great for sushi. Aroma D'Italia is good Italian;Capische is up at the Blue Course and very nice; Tommy Bahama's is good for lunch, but no view thanks to the condo built in front of it. If you want to run into a celeb, like Alice Cooper or Stephan Tyler, their favorite restaurant is Mala Wailea in the Wailea Beach Marriott owned by agent Shep Gordon. And, my favorite restaurant is in the Four Seasons, Spago, which has the best food and the best views (also the spendiest). If you drive upcountry, don't miss The Haileimaile Store owned by Bev Gannon. Her husband also has Joe's Bar and Grill in Wailea which we always go to for the ribs. There are many more but remember that if you plan on drinking with dinner, it is wise not to drive too far (like Lahaina). The Maui police (known as the Blue Meanies) are notorious for traffic stops at any time of the day.
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