Ideas for Dessert competition

So,I am planning to participate in a dessert making competition in my town.There will be of course people of all age groups tasting the food.Was thinking what according to you all, is a good portable dessert for 200 attendees and the competition would be in September. cupcakes, pies, mousse etc etc..I am a bit confused. I can bake pretty well.Thanks

Devangi Raval


SeaJambon August 3, 2013
PD - so glad you enjoyed Kitchen Circus and Corinna really was AWESOME! She was the absolutely the winning sous chef -- her contestants won each time. Coincidence or greatness? :)
Declan August 1, 2013
Not sure if you're still reading responses ...
It's summer .... Berries!
Brandy snap basket filled with wild berries and accompanied by homemade ice cream (Baileys & Brown Bread is great)
Reiney July 31, 2013
Maybe think about an entremet cake - it's something that offers limitless creativity, beauty, all make a day ahead, visually stunning and fun to garnish.

It tends to be a sponge base, one or two mousse or bavarois, a mirror glaze with a decorative finish. From there, though, you can add any number of layers, components, combinations, garnishes: jellies, shortcrust, sponge fingers, dacquoise, colour, jaconde, fruit, tempered chocolate, pralines...

As long as you're steady with a knife to portion evenly it'll be a cinch to plate.

(Google "entremet cake" and you'll see some images)
Devangi R. August 2, 2013
Sarah, I have been meaning to make entremet cake since quite some time, but I dont' think I want to make it for the competition. I will still give it a thought and see where it goes.Thanks.
SeaJambon July 30, 2013
Last fall I was involved in a cooking competition that was several rounds in a four star restaurant (stay with me - I know long winded but I promise it is all relevant!) for 50 people. The process was a final nine selected to cook, three at a time on three different nights. Each cook was assigned either an appetizer, entree or dessert. Each of the three nights, it was the dessert that won. The winning cooks then went to a finale (dessert was off the table at the finale) and a "top chef" was determined. This whole event is on Facebook and YouTube as "Kitchen Circus" - a reality web series. The reason I'm sharing is that you might get some ideas from the three winning desserts -- and they are all proven crowd pleasers. Assuming you're on Facebook, just go to Kitchen Circus and you should find everything you need.
Devangi R. August 2, 2013
Kitchen Circus was really wonderful competition to watch. If at all I decide to participate in such a thing, I would be invisible after the competition. I really loved that pastry sous chef Kareena..
Thanks for more thought provoking idea through KC
Monita July 30, 2013
What about mini tarts or financiers?
Devangi R. August 2, 2013
Wow, I just missed out on tarts. I guess, I have to give this a thought and test out some recipes. great idea. Thanks
ChefJune July 30, 2013
I only ever entered one dessert competition and it was a professional one for plated desserts. But I used a combination of cake, mousse and tuile that were all Gianduja (chocolate/hazelnut) flavor. If you really want to impress, I'd suggest to go for a combination dessert that uses two or more components. Just an idea...
Devangi R. August 2, 2013
Thanks Chef June. This is actually not a plated dessert competition,can't imagine plating 200 desserts..But,I love the idea of using more components to impress. Will surely give it a thought.
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