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I'm making dinner for my boyfriends family this weekend. I'm going to do the sunday pork ragu, (His mother is doing a side) and I need a dessert. I love to bake; however, he doesn't have a huge sweet tooth. My cakes are very sweet to him =(

Any ideas will be most welcomed.



Sadassa_Ulna January 21, 2012
How about a few different cheeses with fresh fruit (or preserves) and yummy crackers? You could also offer chocolates ...
ATG117 January 21, 2012
What about a bittersweet chocolate tart or flourless chocolate cake.
nutcakes January 20, 2012
Or, you could make biscotti and coffee/cocoa to serve with small pears and dried fruits. Or to get adventurous, carmel oranges. This would be especially convenient as you could make the day or two before.
nutcakes January 20, 2012
For not too sweet you could do a tangerine mousse--fresh and tart. Or an olive oil cake topped with barely sweetened whipped cream. I do a bettermilk-polenta peach cobbler that is wonderful but you'd have to use frozen peaches.
Louisa January 20, 2012
I'd do Lazy Mary's Lemon Tart--not too sweet, foolproof and delicious!
AntoniaJames January 20, 2012
Ambrosia -- one made simply, and without, of course, any marshmallows -- works well as a winter dessert, especially after a hearty stew such as the one you're planning. Here's my recipe: I know you like to bake, so if I were you, I'd make the ambrosia (which only takes a few minutes, but do make it at least a few hours ahead of time, but not the day before) and then would bake some molasses/spice, vanilla or lemon cookies to serve on the side. There are plenty of recipes for those here on FOOD52. (I'd probably make my St. Clements cookies, which have both lemon and orange in them.) That way, people who appreciate a bit more sweetness after dinner will be able to enjoy them. Plus, you'll be able to bake! ;o)
lorigoldsby January 20, 2012
My husband doesn't like overly sweet desserts either...since tangerines are very flavorful right now, my tart might be a good choice.
SKK January 20, 2012
Hardlikearmour has a wonderful recipe for parsnip cake that doesn't taste too sweet for my palate

Antonio James has a savory pan de higo I love

And Syronai has an amazing recipe for lemon coconut macaroons

Love these!

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