lemon pudding ice cream ideas?

Recently had an amazing scoop of ice cream, flavor was called lemon pudding. It really tasted like the best rendition of (from a box) lemon pudding, but as ice cream. Had an amazing creamy consistency, not eggy tasting like a custard might be, and definitely reminded me of lemon Jello brand pudding. This scoop shop doesn't get their ice cream from any industrial or national brands, it's a mix of Northeast regional and very local makers that they serve...and I'm fairly certain this one was an in-house brand. I've never had anything like it! Any ideas how I could replicate a lemon pudding ice cream? I wonder if they just put lemon pudding into their machines and froze it, or put powdered pudding mix into a standard ice cream base? I hope it was more than that, but any insight would be welcome!

Alternatively, I'd be interested in a lemon pudding recipe that doesn't use powdered mixes...and I'd eat it really cold.



Raquelita August 25, 2013
Update for any interested: I used a rich custard vanilla ice cream recipe, and infused lemon zest from one lemon into the milk and cream with the vanilla bean for an hour. I added lemon juice from one lemon into the egg yolks. I also worked the America's Test Kitchen technique of immediately freezing 1/4 of the custard in a shallow layer, while the rest cooled in the fridge. After 3 hours, you cut the frozen custard into the chilled liquid and stir for a while until there aren't any more pieces of frozen. That supercooled mixture then goes into the ice cream machine (I have the frozen-canister Cuisinart kind). The lemon-vanilla combo makes it taste like pudding, and a high-fat recipe creates that luscious texture. Maybe I'll write it officially for this site one day...
HinOh August 15, 2013
Here's a recipe for ice cream that calls for pudding mix of any flavor. I've used a similar recipe but used plain ol' vanilla. You might want to replace the vanills with lemon zest:
1 (3 3/4 oz.) package instant pudding mix, any flavor
1/2 c. sugar
2 c. light cream or half and half
1 tsp. vanilla
1/2 c. heavy cream or 1/2 c. whipping cream

Combine pudding, light cream (1/2 and 1/2) and sugar. Beat mixture as directed on pudding package; however, discontinue beating as soon as the mixture begins to thicken. Stir in vanilla and heavy (whipping) cream. Transfer mixture to ice cream machine and process accordingly.
London_Eats August 15, 2013
Hi – here’s a really easy recipe for a lemon pudding, mix 1 tin condensed milk (450g), 400g full fat cream cheese (2 packets) and the juice of 2 lemons (strained to remove “bits”) with a whisk. You’ll get a lemony but fairly thick mixture which you can then freeze to make a simple lemon ice-cream.

Another idea is to use the recipe for lemon posset as the base – it’s a British dessert made from sugar, cream and lemons (infuse the lemon peel in the cream and sugar, add the juice, boil and cool). Lemon posset will set in the fridge, but as it is fairly thick, it might work as a base for ice-cream too. It's really simple to make - here's my recipe, and you can easily add other things to infuse the cream: http://londoneats.wordpress.com/2010/04/03/lemon-posset/
Droplet August 14, 2013
Maybe make a rich lemon curd witj plenty of lemon zest, strain it, chill it and add it to an ice cream base that calls for cornstarch...
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