Cookie with almond meal and no egg?

My friend is allergic to eggs and I'd like to make a cookie with almond meal. Got one?



Kate August 19, 2013
I second the almond thumb print cookie recipe! Here's the link:
lizzyinthekitchen August 19, 2013
You could always do a flax egg.
lakshmi August 19, 2013
Try the Almond Thumbprint cookies from this (Food 52) website. they are soooo easy and so very very good. I made a batch of them yesterday!
Mi B. August 19, 2013
The recipe should be available at the living magazine website.
Mi B. August 19, 2013
Yes, I know of a great recipe from Martha Stewart. I made them first for a friend with gluten allergies, but they were so good I make them for me a couple of times a year. I have also used this recipe as a base for tarts. It is called hazelnut-vanilla shortbread. I have used almond meal with success in this recipe. The only thing about this recipe that seems not accurate is the cooking time. Mine are always done way before the recommended baking time. Also, don't preheat the oven on the first step. It is better to do this when you let the dough rest in the freezer. Hope this helps!
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