It is unclear whether I add the calvados to the batter or discard it.

  • Posted by: Jestei
  • September 1, 2013
Heavenly Apple Cake
Recipe question for: Heavenly Apple Cake


Janet January 27, 2016
I soaked my dates in Stone's Ginger Wine. The dates soaked up most of the liquid. I dumped everything into the batter and my cake was delicious!
Greenstuff September 1, 2013
Hope Veronica weighs in. That recipe is a riot! How many times does she warn us that the cake is ugly?! Anyway, it sound like she's planning on the dates slurping up pretty much all the Calvados, so unless they're really soupy, I'd go ahead and dump it all in. Hope you're having a glass on the side.
David September 1, 2013
Good Calvados flavored with figs....I would sip it slowly and smile
Monita September 1, 2013
Usually when you "plump" fruit you discard the plumping liquid, which is what I would do in the this case
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