Free Makings for Burmese Tea Salad

my eyes are often bigger than my head, sigh..... and a few yrs ago, while on vacation, we did a major excursion to the outskirts of San Mateo ,CA and picked up a big bag of all the ingreds needed to make Burmese Tea Salad.... well, i still have them and would love for some enthusiastic cook to wave their hands and say "Me, Me!!" I'm near Boston ,or i could mail them to you. contact me via my profile pg.

LeBec Fin


LeBec F. September 9, 2013
angela, I just emailed you back!
healthierkitchen September 8, 2013
I did the same thing recently on a visit to a local market! It's so hard to find that when I saw bags of both the leaves and "kits" that included fried beans, I couldn't resist.
Angela N. September 8, 2013
Me, me, me. I sent u a message.
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