food52hotline help! Can I replace mustard sees with celery sees when making pickles?



David September 12, 2013
Pickled Mustard seeds themselves are being seen more and more as a condiment (Tom Colicchio of Wichcraft offers on many sandwiches)
cookbookchick September 12, 2013
It sounds to me like anonymous wants to use celery seeds instead of mustard seeds, not the other way 'round.
pierino September 12, 2013
That's how I read the question as well. But a pickle is a pickle. The seeds you use will alter the flavor but there really any hard core rules as to herbs and spices. It's what tastes good to you.
SeaJambon September 12, 2013
Yes, you can. You will have a slightly different flavor than if you used the celery (Rebecca above has good ideas for alternatives closer to the celery seed flavor) but you'll be fine and your pickles will be tasty.
Rebecca V. September 11, 2013
I would try fennel/anise/carraway, more along those lines. Mustard seeds would be good in addition, too! Perhaps crushed gently.
Rebecca V. September 12, 2013
My mistake! Read it the other way around.
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