I am blessed/cursed with a black walnut tree that drops pods all August. Any tips for getting ugly brown stains out of plastic lawn furnitur



Pegeen September 17, 2013
If the tree is yours, you might want to consider having it removed because of the toxicity of black walnut roots to some other plants. Tree removal can be expensive, but black walnuts are very messy trees. You should be able to sell the wood.
mrslarkin September 17, 2013
I think you can make a paste of trisodium phosphate and bleach to remove mildew stains. Might work for walnut stains.
HalfPint September 17, 2013
My other suggestion is Goo Gone which is made with orange oil.
ladycakes September 17, 2013
I'm willing to try! Barkeepers friend, dish soap and Dow scrubbing bubbles doesn't seem to do much. Thanks!
HalfPint September 17, 2013
Have you tried rubbing out the stains with some cooking oil?
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