Best "Indian" cookbook? I realize that this is somewhat tantamount to asking for the best "American" cookbook but I will submit the question anyway and would be grateful for any opinions you have. (Basically looking in the main for good renditions of various curries, kormas, vindaloos, and other meat dishes; a decent range of vegetable dishes; etc.) Many thanks.

  • Posted by: wtbryce
  • November 30, 2010


wtbryce January 6, 2011
To close the circle here, I ended up getting Sahini CLASSIC INDIAN COOKING and MADHUR JAFFREY INDIAN COOKING. Former nice to have, and certainly informative, but latter was *exactly* what I was looking for in terms of a reasonably comprehensive selection of weeknight-cookable dinners etc. Thx for all the recs.
pauljoseph December 1, 2010
More celebrities one of my favorite Raghavan Iyer

and Christine Manfield SPICES
kingdomofjosh December 1, 2010
Curries & Bugles: A Memoir & Cookbook of the British Raj by Jennifer Brennan. Has some amazing recipes and very enjoyable to read. It really weaves the recipes into some history, culture and personal memories.
innoabrd December 1, 2010
I'm with prettyPeas on A Taste of India. The most authentic book of Indian cooking I've ever seen, with good, regional recipes and a nice section on ingredients, with photos (thinks like the different types of dal). She even tells you the proper way to cook rice!
luvcookbooks December 1, 2010
luv Madhur Jaffrey's Invitation to Indian Cooking. like Yamuna Devi. anxious to check out other authors mentioned above. am fortunate to be able to learn from my friend Purnima.
pauljoseph November 30, 2010
More celebrities Ammini Ramachandran ,
Maya Kaima ,
Suvir Saran
pauljoseph November 30, 2010
I agree with askann Ruta kahati book also very good for Indian recipes
askann November 30, 2010
Oh! I just recommended Five Spices Five Dishes by Ruta Kahate on another thread. This is one I use all the time (versus my other ways that I read and get intimidated by). Many of these are things you can do on a weeknight.
pauljoseph November 30, 2010
I have all the books you all said but my personal experience with Indian cooking Julie Sahni's Classic Indian Cooking is very very informative
prettyPeas November 30, 2010
I agree that Madhur Jaffrey's Indian cookbooks are one of the best references for Indian Cooking. My personal favorite is A Taste of India because it gives a describes the different regions of India, along with the traditional foods, recipes and pictures.
betteirene November 30, 2010
Besides the classic book by Julie Sahni, I like Madhur Jaffrey's books, too.
pierino November 30, 2010
pauljoseph, you are on it man!
pauljoseph November 30, 2010
If the answer is that pierino I definitely suggest our best friend Julie Sahni's Classic Indian Cooking
pierino November 30, 2010
The "best" new book might be "Anjum's New Indian" (Wiley)...
pauljoseph November 30, 2010
campagnes I will try to answer soon.
campagnes November 30, 2010
I'd love to see some suggestions, too - LOVE Indian food but haven't had much experience preparing it - but not sure I'm understanding your reply, pauljoseph... ?
pauljoseph November 30, 2010
answer can send by Post your postal address Please
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