How to make a perfect scrambled egg

Eric santos


boulangere August 15, 2014
I love, love, love tender scrambled eggs. That said, here is a link too scrambled eggs inspired by Richard Olney in one of the most sensual pieces of writing ever.
Susan W. August 15, 2014
My favorite scrambled eggs by far are "The perfect scrambled eggs" by Gordon Ramsay. It's on youtube. He puts them in the pan cold and never uses a whisk. Adds a nob of butter and cooks it gently on and off the heat. He adds creme fraiche and chives at the end and serves it with pan roasted cherry tomatoes on the vine and mushroom caps. So yummy!!
Deedeelicious August 15, 2014
Add a tablespoon and a half of buttermilk! Makes em' so fluffy~! :3
ATG117 November 5, 2013
Scrambled egg perfection is a very subjective. I may be in the minority, but I like mine dry (not dried out or rubbery, just not wet). I don't mix my eggs with any other liquid. I heat a pan with a touh of olive oil (not in the butter camp either), pour in the eggs, turn down the heat to low, move the eggs around a bunch, when almost nearly cooked I sprinkle with salt and herbs, if using. As soon as everything is no longer wet, I roll it out of the pan
Sam1148 August 15, 2014
I like mine dryer than most people. The addition I like is a few crushed saltines in the wet mix before cooking. Then just salt and pepper at the finish.
RespectThePastry November 5, 2013
I watched a special once and now I can't remember if it was Ina Garten or Christopher Kimball, but anyhoo they explained how to make perfect scrambles eggs and I have taken their advice to heart ever since. So scramble your eggs with a touch of milk, cream, water..they decided this liquid did not really have a flavorful effect on the end product so you can really use what you want. Here you may add the amount of s n' p and herbs you would like. Now get your pan extra hot while you are mixing everything up and coat your pan in oil or butter. Right before you are about to pour your eggs in the pan turn the heat to low. Now all you need to to do is push the eggs around the pan with a spatula until they are almost dry and voila great scrambled eggs!

Now my personal favorite addition to scrambled eggs is cream cheese and a bit of fresh chopped herbs because the cheese melts and makes the eggs taste decadently velvetty and the herbs brighten their flavor!
pierino November 5, 2013
When I worked as a breakfast cook at a B&B here is what I did per portion (usually I was doing about 10 covers and then washing an amazing number of plates). 2 eggs, 1 tablespoon of whole milk, butter (not spray stuff), 1 tablespoon chopped chiles such as Hatch, salt, pepper and hot sauce for the table. Heat up a good non-stick pan---non Teflon. Melt the butter,whisk the eggs and milk together. Turn those into the pan and using a WOOODEN SPOON keep them moving around. Add the chiles and season. I did have some weenies who can't handle salt but most liked the chiles and this became my signature dish. The eggs are done when they are creamy curds and not lumps of dried out egg. You can gild the lily by adding a small spoon of caviar over it. But basically keep it clean.
Lindsay-Jean H. November 5, 2013
And here are 3 more versions of scrambled egg perfection:
Pesha November 5, 2013
These are by far the best scrambled eggs I have ever had!
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