Benefits of making perfect pie crust?

That time of year - recipes abounding for perfect pie crust, perfect side dish, perfect entree, perfect dessert. Perfection seems to be an individual act. Would love to see ideas and recipes for community cooking, progressive dinners.

  • Posted by: SKK
  • November 4, 2014


Pegeen November 4, 2014
There is no "perfect" pie crust. There is no "perfect" anything. But there are some well- executed things, when people study tecchnique.

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drbabs November 4, 2014
I'm with you, SKK. There's a big range of simply fine to just great to amazing that doesn't begin to touch perfection. As women, we hamper ourselves in many arenas with our attempts to be perfect. Let's have fun together.
boulangere November 4, 2014
I heartily agree, Dr. B. Holiday food practically by definition begs for perfection. If one's food is on display, it's as though the cook is as well. I'm more interested in gathering together people I care about deeply, and let the gathering be the perfection.
Maedl November 5, 2014
Yes, yes, yes!! I absolutely loathe all these 'perfects'. Perfect is a matter of taste and the important thing is to simply do. If you don't try because you are overwhelmed by the desire to be perfect and afraid of failure, then you'll never even get off the ground.
Bevi November 5, 2014
For me, perfection is the moment when friends and family cook together and enjoy themselves.
Pegeen November 4, 2014
"The perfect is the enemy of the good."

The point is to have enough power to invite people, perhaps unlike one one another culturally, to a dinner where they may feel comfortable, welcome and well-fed.
Nancy November 4, 2014
would you consider the good-enough pie crust? good enough to whip up quickly, or keep a few in the freezer, for last minute use. desserts or main dishes (meat pies, etc) using whatever you have around. And/or individual servings of meat, vegetable, fruit pies.
Ian M. November 4, 2014
Perfect food can be a group ambition - the best restaurants across the globe have staffs that share a passion for perfection in every aspect of the dining experience. The reward each person experiences for executing "perfect pie crust" or anything else is personal, but that doesn't mean you can't work together and share the results. :)
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