Himalayan salt

What's the best way to grind up a block of Himalayan salt? Meat grinder? Cheese grater? Vitamix? Hammer?

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Amy April 7, 2021
We break piece off with our small kitchen hammer and then use a marble mortar and pestle. Works pretty quickly.
Sam1148 December 11, 2013
I'd make sure it's been crushed up pretty good with a hammer before putting it in a Vitamix or Food processor.
I ruined a blade on a older model Vitamix trying to grind some Parmesan cheese rinds. Apparently, according the VHS tape it can turn wood into sawdust but not so much cheese.
boulangere December 10, 2013
I grind it on a microplane.
HalfPint December 9, 2013
Chisel and hammer into smaller pieces. Then crush in blender or even better, Vitamix. Spare the meat grinder.
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