Is there any reasonable substitute for a springerle mold? My uncle wants homemade springerle for Christmas, and I have a lot of kitchen tools but even my inventory has its limits.



AntoniaJames December 10, 2010
mrslarkin, you can also get small, rectangular springerle molds, which may be easier to store. (I store mine -- the ones used by my mother for many years -- in the same rectangular box in which I store my Christmas cookie cutters.) Also, for a lot more information about springerle, and some simply gorgeous photos, see: ;o)
mrslarkin December 10, 2010
I definitely want a springerle rolling pin now! Amanda just posted about it. What about antique butter molds? I agree, a decorative/cut-glass-type bottle might work. What about sturdy pine cones? Are they food-safe I wonder? I'm searching the house to see what might work.
AntoniaJames December 8, 2010
I would note, that as an owner of a springerle mold that's used a lot . . . not just for springerle but for shortcake-type cookies, too . . . you can get ones that are fairly small, rectangular in shape, which don't take up much space and are lightweight. Springerle are so lovely. To my mind, they deserve a traditional mold. ;o)
likestocooklovestoeat December 8, 2010
Thanks for all these great ideas - I'm definitely doing this!
iuzzini December 8, 2010
Now I am tempted to make these and print them with an assortment of little objects. :)
VanessaS December 8, 2010
In addition to the suggestions above, maybe you have a christmas tree ornament that is small and has a nice holiday design?
Kayb December 8, 2010
How about if you used a decorative bottle with a raised design as a rolling pin? (Thinks of this because as a kid, we used to use an old whiskey bottle as a rolling pin...)

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betteirene December 8, 2010
Do you have kids? Do they have any PlayDoh kits or checkers pieces you could use as stamps? Do you have patterned glassware, or a bas relief vase, that you could use as a rolling pin?

iuzzini December 7, 2010
Springerle molds are really beautiful- Conceivably you could cut the dough into rectangles and press them with a regular cookie stamp, or if you have anything in your kitchen with a pattern cut into it, maybe you can press that into the dough. Some other possibilities would be to carve some simple patterns into a potato or other hard vegetable and use that as a mold (like a 3-D potato print) . . .I would think some leaves (nonpoisonous) or sprigs of herbs could be quite beautiful pressed into the dough and then lifted, although those won't produce relief images typical of springerle. . . If you look around, you might have some tools or objects that have interesting patterns on them which you could use as stamps, they just might not be traditional images for springerle . . . I'm sure they will still be delicious. Sounds fun! Enjoy!
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