Belgian Triple Ale Substitute

Any beer experts out there? I have a brisket recipe that calls for Belgian triple ale. Here in Beer Country (Bavaria) I have a fine selection of beers, but they are primarily domestic. I’d have to make a trip to Munich to find the Belgian beers, and I’d rather not do that in the next few days. So, would a double bock be a suitable substitute?

  • Posted by: Maedl
  • December 16, 2013


Maedl December 17, 2013
Wheat beer it will be then. I even have that on hand--it's my beer of choice here. Thanks so much for your suggestions.
Dave O. December 16, 2013
If those are what you've got, it's what you've got. I would go with a wheat beer. Hoegaarden would prob be the easiest Belgian style to find in a foreign beer section, but I know the purity law makes it tough to find foreign beer. Another solution would be an American Military Installation if you know someone with an ID card.
Tony S. December 16, 2013
Yes, a local wheat will be more than acceptable.
Tony S. December 16, 2013
Belgian Tripel Ales are wheaty, malty, bitter and spicy. A double bock might be a little dark as a good substitute. My personal preference would be to use witbier, a wheat, or an IPA. They are similar in flavor profile, color, and mouthfeel.
Maedl December 16, 2013
Tony, if I use a wheat beer, it will be a local wheat beer, Franziskaner or Augustiner. do you think that will be a pretty close substitute? Our foreign beer selection is really not good--I think that is because of the Reinheintsgebot, the beer purity law from the 1500s.
Patti I. December 16, 2013
That sounds good!
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