Pulled pork side ideas

Smoking a Boston Butt for my wife's friends on Sat. I have cole slaw and baked beans ready to make, but I need something else to complete it. I'll have all day and beer on ice, so would love some suggestions for another side or an appetizer to make on the grill.

Dave on the grill


Chef L. November 15, 2013
I served this same menu last Sunday. I added Italian green beans, potato salad & fresh apple cake with a caramel glaze. Good luck!
Maedl November 15, 2013
Collard greens cooked slowly with bacon and sprinkled with vinegar before serving! Corn pudding is good, too, but since you are making baked beans, you probably have enough carbs. I'd also put out a bowl of peanuts in the shell for pre-pork noshing. Let me know what time you're serving!
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