Can I freeze uncooked Russian Tea/Mexican Wedding cakes to bake next week?



dymnyno December 17, 2013
It works either way, baked or unbaked. I have a large tin full of my "Snowballs' in the freezer right now and I sneak one out from time to time.
magpiebaker December 17, 2013
You can definitely do that. For a less fussy and compact twist, freeze the dough in logs, then treat as a slice and bake cookie. An ice cream shop/bakery I used to work for did this and they came out great. You can get a thicker coating of powdered sugar on if you dust them while they're still warm.
peicook December 17, 2013
I have frozen them every year . I bake then freeze but dust with icing sugar after they have thawed.A family tradition. I'm sure they would freeze well from the unbaked state.
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