Our avocados are not ripe enough. How do we soften them up for guac?



Heather B. December 11, 2010
The paper bag and apple works very well.
bella S. December 10, 2010
A paper bag has always worked for me.
hardlikearmour December 10, 2010
If they are not ripe enough for guacamole, maybe they're ripe enough for avocado fries.
TiggyBee December 10, 2010
I've tried the microwave method and it seemed to take away a lot of the flavor.
cowgirlculture December 9, 2010
The window sill or counter works the best. Don't put them in a bowl. If you leave them near a banana, citrus or in a bowl they turn mushy and black before they really ripen properly.
mrslarkin December 9, 2010
i've heard of the microwave method from the produce man at our market. Never tried it though. I usually do the brown bag/banana trick.
nutcakes December 9, 2010
I agree with the brown bag and apple or banana method. Otherwise you are SOL. They take their own time, an under or over ripe avocado is really tragic. If you do use underripe, or that microwave method (new to me), you might like to add a little olive oil to the guac to help mimic a ripe lucious one.
iuzzini December 9, 2010
If you have a couple of days, you can put them in a brown paper bag with a ripe apple or banana and leave on your window sill or counter-- if you don't have that much time, I read that you can prick the avocado and microwave for 30 seconds but apparently the flesh won't taste quite as delicious as if you left it to ripen naturally (I haven't tried this method) . . .
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