freezing meat in broth

can I freeze leftover turkey in the broth made from the carcass, or will that do something evil to the meat ? Should I freeze separately ?

  • Posted by: emcsull
  • December 26, 2013


S December 26, 2013
Agree with Lindsay-Jean that freezing in turkey gravy is a good idea, depending on how you want to use the leftovers.

I find shredded turkey (or chicken) seems more moist in gravy when frozen and thawed. Warmed and poured over a baked potato, toasted (or not) bread for an open-faced sandwich, over buttered noodles. I shred while still warmish.

Not crazy about freezing in broth. Although I've done it. I find that it sucks out the meat juices while cooling or sitting in the freezer, and I'd just rather do the shred
and-gravy thing.

Help me figure this one out. Thank you!

Lindsay-Jean H. December 26, 2013
AntoniaJames actually recommends freezing turkey in broth (or gravy) to help it hold up better --
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