How do I brown stewing beef without getting liquid in the skillet?

Susan Borowitz


LeBec F. December 30, 2013
i agree w/ SKK, esp about having your pan hot etc.(and plenty of oil so the flour coating on beef- browns. This flour will eventually help thicken the sauce of your stew.
SKK December 29, 2013
Dry the meat as SeaJambon recommends and toss in flour and seasonings. Then follow amysarah's directions to not overcrowd pan. Have pan hot. Also do not stir. Turn over meat when one side is done. Don't rush.
SeaJambon December 29, 2013
Pat your pieces of meat with a paper towel to remove moisture before placing in pan (per Julia Child).
amysarah December 29, 2013
Don't crowd the pan. Brown in a couple of batches if necessary.
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