Beef tri tip ideas

I have really fantastic beef tri tip roast. What is the best way to cook it? It is 1lb in weight.

  • Posted by: karen06
  • December 30, 2013


bigpan December 30, 2013
Tri-tip is the most favored cut for use in International Chili competitions - that is chili >without< beans..just the meat and spices. Each year the winning recipe is posted here:
It might seem like a waste of meat, but when you realize real chili only contains meat, it is entirely different from what most people buy in a tin can.
karen06 December 30, 2013
This is my next mexican night chilli. Thank you.
pierino December 30, 2013
I live in tri tip country. It's the official regional dish The best way to cook it is outdoors over lumps of oak charcoal, or just oak wood. Depending on where you live it might be too cold for that right now. You could try roasting it in the oven at about 325F and adding a little bit of liquid smoke to he drippings. Using the internal brine helps keeps it moist during cooking.
You could also braise it but that's a crime against tri tip.
karen06 December 30, 2013
That sounds really good. Thank you
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