I'm making a dessert and I want to flavor the whipping cream with peppermint schnapps. When should I add the schnapps - before I whip the cream, or after it's whipped (fold it in)?

  • Posted by: AmyEvans
  • December 10, 2010


betteirene December 11, 2010
Mmmmm. . .yum. I add granulated sugar at the beginning to give it a chance to dissolve, then whip it good until it holds a soft shape, and then turn the speed down to medium and add flavoring a teaspoon at a time until I like the taste.
RobertaJ December 11, 2010
Get your whipped cream almost done, then add your liquid flavoring. I routinely do this with brandy and Kaluha. The cream should already be fairly thick when you add your liquid.
stacey_ballis December 10, 2010
I would whip the cream about half way, just as it begins to thicken but before you are at soft peaks, and then add flavorings like schanpps or vanilla.
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