Can i use commercial convection oven, mainly for baking burger buns and pizza only?

what if the only main food i bake is for quarter pound burger burger buns which measures approximately 4 inches diameter and weighs 130grams and Pizza which measure 8 and 12 inches thick and thin crust. My question is can i use Convection Oven? Is convection oven good enought to bake Burger buns and Pizza? and to what type of Convection Oven best for Burger buns and Pizza GAS type or ELECTRIC TYPE?

Kevin Villamala


bigpan January 18, 2014
My preference would be gas/propane = it will heat up to temperature faster than electricity, and probably at a lower cost.
Kevin V. January 18, 2014
I would definitely go for a gas convection oven, i have read blogs that says using convection oven will turn your bun really brown or dark and very dry? is this true? but for sure it can certainly cook buns well. and one blogger said that he just simply put a ceramic bowl with half full of water in the convection oven to moisten it, does this really work if even the convection oven really dries up the buns? then i remember i read it somewhere that there is steamed oven/convection oven combi., does this mean it has a steamed feature that solve the drying up ug buns and breads, sound like steam like it involve water like chinese steamed fish, steamed dumpling cook in a hot steamed from a boiling water.? because if there is really a such steamed/convection gas oven, i would choose this oven for my burger buns and pizza..
bigpan January 18, 2014
I an sure the answer is yes... but why not do a test.
Make your bun dough, put in a "X" temperature for "X" minutes. Check the result. Try again at "Y" temperature etc. Repeat until you have the right temperture and time.
With the pizza dough, you want very high heat, so start your test in the 600F to 700F range. Time it, check in every minute. Once you have the temperature and time correct, you will have to test again with toppings. Might have to increase the time a bit.
Total cost to you for the test is a bit of your time and the few bucks to make a batch or two of dough.
Kevin V. January 18, 2014
I'm glad to know the answer, you just save me from buying two ovens,one for burger buns and one specifically for pizza oven. i am really looking for an oven that can bake both burger buns for our mexican quarter pound burger and mexican pizza perfectly without buying two separate oven for my small mexican restaurant. here in philippines. One thing i keep in mind is to check if the convection gas or electric oven has temperature settings that reaches 600 to 700 range right, and if i cook the burger bun i'll just have to drop it to 25F and turn on the fan, and see what are the results?..
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