At what degree should i put my oven when baking pizza

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ChefJune December 20, 2017
You want your oven at the highest temperature you can get it to go to. I'm lucky that mine heats to 550 F. but most ovens only go to 500.
kim December 19, 2017
I have found that a generous layer of corn meal on the stone right before you place the pizza on it, makes it pretty easy to get it on the peel. you could always, as someone else said, place a piece of parchment on the stone first, then you can place the peel under the paper instead of directly under the crust.
Sam1148 September 23, 2017
Instead of a stone. I have been using an inverted sheet pan for all my pizza needs, rolling and assembling the pizza on the back of the sheet pan. Around 375 and a bit longer baking than a super hot oven. About 35 mins...just check the bottom.
I like using the pan now better than the stone. (in the oven). I think stones are great for the grill or high temp cooking. The pan, I can roll out the dough on the pan. (using a sheet of silplat to help make a thin crust pizza).
And decorate and sauce the pizza and not have to worry about ejecting all the topping transferring it from the peel to the stone. It's all on the back of the pan...and the heat transfer is pretty fast in a oven with sheet pan.
Nancy September 24, 2017
What a great idea!
The transferring from counter or board to stone was always a problem.
Thanks, Sam.
KBec October 4, 2017
I get around that problem by rolling out on, really between, parchment sheets. The top sheet peels off, the bottom one slides easily, with the crust/pizza, off the peel onto the stone and bakes. It can be removed from under the pizza after about 2-5 min depending our your oven temp. Works great! (Thanks Cook's Illustrated!)

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AntoniaJames September 21, 2017
As hot as possible. And if you are using a stone, heat it for at least an hour, starting from when you turn the oven on. ;o)
Hacker 6. September 21, 2017
Thank you
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