I purchased shelled and deveined shrimp. Is it necessary to remove the black vein like line that runs along the underside of the shrimp?

Gloria Sepulveda


Pegeen January 21, 2014
All crustaceans, esp lobsters, are perplexing when dissecting! (Isn't that a Cole Porter song?)
Dave O. January 20, 2014
Probably more information than you were hoping for, huh. Shrimp are like delicious aliens.

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Pegeen January 20, 2014
It's the "ventral nerve cord." You can pull it out but fine to leave it in.
sexyLAMBCHOPx January 20, 2014
Since there're already peeled and deveined you are good to go. Here's an article from the site: http://food52.com/blog/7486-how-to-peel-and-devein-shrimp
LeBec F. January 20, 2014
no, i've never seen anything removed but the vein (digestive tract)
that runs along the spine,( AND if that were left in, you wouldn't even notice it, tastewise.)
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