Had a question on breaded coconut shrimp turning black or green

  • Posted by: Eric
  • July 29, 2018


ChefJune July 30, 2018
I hope you didn't eat it!
Any food that turns black or green should be disposed of pronto. Never a good sign!
I can't think of any breaded food that benefits from being refrigerated overnight prior to cooking.
Ttrockwood July 30, 2018
Don’t eat it and throw away!

This is the kind of dish that needs to be the day you buy the shrimp or the same day you defrost it, also leftovers will not hold up well since the breading will get soggy
nancy E. July 29, 2018
Which was it, black or green? Was it the breading or the meat that turned colour? Either way, throw it out
Eric July 30, 2018
Black but wanted to know if it was black cause the breading or I kept it refrigerated for a day
nancy E. July 30, 2018
If anything associated with seafood turns black or green, throw it away. You could get very ill. Once something is breaded it should be cooked right away.
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