Sides for a boneless chicken with crawfish stuffing?

My brother sent me a boneless chicken with crawfish stuffing. I need ideas for sides and maybe a sauce or!



bigpan February 2, 2014
Crawfish stuffing ! Two words = dirty rice !
Pegeen February 2, 2014
Pierino, yes indeed, celeriac (celery root). But I've never heard it called "Celeriac Remoulade"!
sexyLAMBCHOPx February 2, 2014
Do I dare suggest an okra dish - my arch nemesis? This may work or a variation,
aargersi February 2, 2014
Macque choux perhaps? You can use frozen corn.
inpatskitchen February 2, 2014
Thanks so much for your input! I'm making this later this week and will mull all these great ideas over. The celery remoulade is catching my eye!
pierino February 2, 2014
I'm assuming this is celery root remoulade (celeriac) which would be an excellent idea. Corn muffins also good. Mustard greens with bacon. At dessert, beignets with New Orleans style chickory coffee.
mickle February 2, 2014
Ratatouille or roasted asparagus with red bell pepper
Pegeen February 2, 2014
Have to add one more - just saw this: Celery Remoulade. I think it's often served as a side with crawfish etouffee so could be a nice complement to the crawfish stuffing. If I didn't have time to get golden beets, I'd sub fennel for the beets and maybe steamed spinach for the beet greens.
Pegeen February 2, 2014
p.s. Meant to add, for the Saffron Cream Sauce above, could substitute chicken stock vs fish stock.
Pegeen February 2, 2014
Ah, since it has rice in the stuffing, maybe not the Louisiana pilaf idea for a side.

I feel like you and I might be the only people not cooking for the SuperBowl at this moment! :-)
sexyLAMBCHOPx February 2, 2014
dirty rice would be nice.
Pegeen February 2, 2014
How about the Rouille version of this aioli (scroll down the page) served as a side with steamed asparagus. It has some saffron which would be nice with crawfish.

Or the Saffron Cream Sauce from this recipe, over the chicken?

A spicy Louisiana-style pilaf?
sexyLAMBCHOPx February 2, 2014
oops not dirty rice since it stuffed with some.
Pegeen February 2, 2014
Wow that sounds good. Are there vegetables or other ingredients mixed into the crawfish stuffing?
inpatskitchen February 2, 2014
There appears to be rice, bell pepper and celery in the stuffing. I found some recipes for Spinach Rockefeller that sounded interesting, but I'd love other ideas!
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