Feedback on cookbook, "Modern Art Deserts" by Caitlin Freeman?

This looks like a fun cookbook - wondering if anyone is familiar with it / would recommend it? Caitlin Freeman is the pastry chef for Blue Bottle Coffee company. Thanks.

  • Posted by: Pegeen
  • February 14, 2014
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Diana B. February 16, 2014
Thanks for asking, Pegeen, because I couldn't find it, either!
Pegeen February 16, 2014
Thanks! I see it now under the "Columns" tab vs "The Piglet" tab.
sexyLAMBCHOPx February 16, 2014
Pegeen February 16, 2014
Can't find it on the Piglet yet - not on the main page or the bracket. Am I doing something wrong?
Pegeen February 16, 2014
Thanks for all the info and I'll definitely check out the site!
Greenstuff February 15, 2014
And yes, I did know that you knew all that...clicked too soon. Anyway, the art desserts were getting lots of attention before she wrote the book. If my daughter were closer to home, I'd put her in charge of making Modern Art Desserts (the existing recipes plus the inspiration).
Greenstuff February 15, 2014
Too funny, Pegreen, as I think most of us figured it was the Piglet that brought the book to your attention. Caitlyn Freeman is very well known in the San Francisco Bay Area, as she founded an exquisite bakery, Miette, and she's the pastry brains behind beloved Blue Bottle Coffee. If you haven't already, you might like to check out
Pegeen February 15, 2014
What?! How cool is that. Thank you!
healthierkitchen February 15, 2014
this was reviewed by a food52 community member for the Piglet this week!
Pegeen February 14, 2014
Any bakers out there?
Pegeen February 14, 2014
If someone served this to me, I’d do their laundry.

Woodman Cheese and Crackers (ricotta on rye toasts with edible flower petals)

Lots of photos from the book online: do a Google search on “Modern Art Desserts” and click “Images” near the top of your search results page.

The Diebenkorn trifle also looks lovely.

Can’t vouch for how anything tastes – just came across the book.
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