Has anyone used Blue Bird Flour (bleached) from the Cortez Milling Company to bake bread? What is the protein content? Thanks!



Diana B. September 17, 2018
I've solely used Blue Bird Flour for bread since I moved to CO in 2009. I didn't know about the protein content or anything--I just liked the cloth bags. It's always made really good bread.
Lelan R. June 8, 2018
I have, and had excellent results. If you like a tender crumb you will be pleased.
Debbie November 17, 2016
I don't know if anyone is still looking for answers for this, but I use Bluebird flour when I make bread, or cookies, piecrust- everything! It's great, I don't know what the protein content is, but I do know it's great in bread! It has a nice soft texture with a good, chewy crust.
Sean C. March 30, 2015
My grandma was a very well respected baker and made fabulous bread. She was originally from Preston, England. I agree with the posts below that you should not use the Blue Bird Flour to make bread. The Cortez Milling company makes a better quality flour called Valley Queen, which is the only flour grandma would use. Her daughters and everyone in the family who still bake her bread will only use Valley Queen. Blue Bird is famous for the Indian (or Navajo) Fried breads that the area is famous for, but Valley Queen is what you want to make your cakes, rolls and loaves with. Hope that helps!
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boulangere February 8, 2013
With a protein content of 8%, it's right in between pastry flour (9%) and cake flour (7%). It sounds like it would make some lovely cookies, with perhaps 25% AP flour sifted in.
Lindsay-Jean H. February 8, 2013
According to the responses on this thread: http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/691629, the protein content is 8%, so it probably isn't ideal to use it in place of bread flour.
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