What is a quahog?



innoabrd December 16, 2010
On the east coast you find a number of different sizes of the same kind of clam, with quahog being the largest. Cherrystones and little necks are smaller and often served raw, but never heard of quahogs being served on the half-shell!
pierino December 15, 2010
It is indeed a big, fat meat clam native to the east coast. And with my left coast bias (although I was born in...) kind of unappealing to my tastes. You need to chop it up and work with it. I think of it as a chowder clam where it's going to cook for a long time and still, in the end no good will come of it.
anyone December 15, 2010
I would not say "Usually" It's one way they are served.
stinkycheese December 15, 2010
it's quite a large clam, so it is usually served chopped up and mixed with breadcrumbs, bacon, cheese, etc. and then stuffed back into its shell and broiled. aka "stuffed quahog"....
yvonne_cdeg December 15, 2010
halfasiangirl I also learned what it is. Thank you !!
halfasiangirl December 15, 2010
a kind of clam native to the East coast. also: the town where Family Guy is set.
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