Uses for ponzu

I'm a newbie to Japanese cuisine for the most part but love what I've tried, so I picked up a bottle of high-quality unfiltered ponzu as an impulse buy. It seems like all the recipes I've found are for ponzu + shoyu dipping sauces. Are there any other uses?

Meaghan F


Rbsayet March 5, 2014
I add it to my stirfries and I also pour it over raw fish. It just adds a nice tart flavor it can add acid in a pinch. It's great!
Sam1148 March 4, 2014
Use it as a base for a marinade/grilling sauce.
Line up some shrimp like this with two skewers =))))))= coat with mixture of ponzu, shoyu, garlic and oil. Let it sit about 40 mins. Then grill.
Serve with a dipping sauce of more ponzu, soy, onion, garlic, and ginger juice wisked in a mini-prep or blender. (adjust taste with a touch of sugar and lime/lemon juice).
HalfPint March 4, 2014
Ponzu sauce is usually yuzu juice, mirin, dashi and shoyu (soy sauce). The stuff you got is only missing the shoyu. It's primarily a dipping sauce for tempura, sashimi, grilled seafood. It would probably make a light salad dressing (which you might need to add some salt or shoyu for seasoning). But it's primary use is as a sauce, dipping or otherwise. I like grilled or fried fish with a drizzle of ponzu sauce.
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