dipping sauce for raw salmon

I've been eating a lot of raw salmon lately and i usually make my own dipping sauce (usually a teriyki or similar). I'm getting sick of the same old thing. Does anyone have a different style recipe (ie not Japanese) for a dipping sauce for raw salmon? thanks



sexyLAMBCHOPx March 5, 2015
Dill & sour cream works nicely as well.
sexyLAMBCHOPx March 5, 2015
typing too fast today. Fresh dill mixed with horseradish, lemon juice & sour cream.
CanadaDan March 5, 2015
yeah we do that kind of sauce when we make our beet-cured salmon and its fantastic but again, getting sick of that one. will probably be an aioli today.
Pegeen March 5, 2015
Horseradish caper sauce (just use the sauce part of the recipe)
Pegeen March 5, 2015
Lime and Tarragon Aioli. Maybe if you’re getting tired of raw salmon you could make the accompanying panko-crusted (salmon?) fish sticks?

Amanda Hesser’s Old Bay Aioli

Alice Waters’ Parsley and Anchovy Sauce
I add capers
Nancy March 5, 2015
Pegeen - esp the parsley anchovy sauce. I made some a few days ago & it's tasted good on sandwiches, meat, fish. Like salsa Verde - but revved up.
Jenny H. March 5, 2015
Yogurt, lemon juice, and dill are classic combinations for salmon.
CanadaDan March 5, 2015
avocado along with creme freche sounds good, and i actually might also try the aioli. great call. thanks!
savorthis March 5, 2015
We have a Japanese restaurant here that serves raw fish on rice in little bowls with various toppings. One of my favorites is an avocado that is mixed with a bit of mayo, a dash of soy and a dash of sweet chili garlic. It does not really taste Asian, but is delicious (also on cooked salmon and eel btw). I also went crazy for the Momofuku pickled mustard sauce (here is a version of it: https://momofukuathome.wordpress.com/2010/03/08/pickled-mustard-seedsmustard-seed-sauce/). I would slather it on anything. I also think some simple lemon juice, finely sliced daikon or radish, salt and green onion would be refreshing.
drshakyhands March 5, 2015
I know you said "not Japanese" - but you only mentioned teriyaki (and I assume soy sauce and soy sauce with wasabi added). Have you tried Ponzu? Especially the kind without soy sauce added to it (ponzu shoyu)? It's very light, tangy and citrusy. Recently at a sushi place we have ponzu three different ways - plain, with chilies added and I think the last one had extra yuzu lemon.

Otherwise, why not something creamy, like canine chef mentioned? Creme fraiche, sour cream, avocado whipped with a little cream... An aioli would work too I think.

If you are looking for more information about flavor pairings, I love the book The Flavor Thesaurus by Niki Segnit. You just look up your main ingredient and she gives pages upon pages of pairing possibilities.
inpatskitchen March 5, 2015
Not a dipping sauce but this is another way to prepare raw salmon:
caninechef March 5, 2015
I friend serves tuna ceviche with a wasabi dipping sauce, maybe Mayo based? it is excellent and maybe a combo that would work with salmon.
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