First time going to New Orleans looking for good restaurants

Looking for delicious restaurants Breakfast Lunch & Dinner

  • Posted by: Nan
  • March 11, 2014


Nan March 15, 2014
Thank you all I know we'll have a great time :)
Leaving March 29th
Ryan March 12, 2014
My wife and I live in New Orleans. When we op for a staycation we stay at Hotel Monteleone. The lobby is beautiful, the staff is great, the rooms are very European (small) and amazing. Here is a list of our favorites:

1. K-Paul's Louisiana Kitchen, 416 Chartres Street: Chef Paul Prudhomme's restaurant. This man is the Godfather of Cajun/Creole cuisine. Nearly every Chef in the city has done a tour through this kitchen. Emeril Lagasse trained under Chef Paul at Commander's Palace where Chef Paul was the first American born executive chef! K-Paul's is as authentic as you will get in New Orleans. Hands down. They are also opened for lunch.
2. The Original Pierre Maspero's, 440 Chartres Street: Arguably they have the best bloddy mary's in the entire city!
3. Restaurant Stanley, Jackson Square: Great breakfast/brunch food.
4. Kingfish, 337 Chartres Street: Modernistic cajun/creole
5. Galitorie's, 209 Bourbon Street: Old New Orleans French style
6. Arnaud's, 813 Bienville Avenue: Unforgettable atmosphere and true New Orleans spirit. Ask for a tour of their private dining rooms.
7. Port of Call, 838 Esplanade Avenue: This is a great place to eat not only for their amazing burgers but it will take you to the "other-end" of Bourbon Street. You could walk through the open air market (N. Peters Street) on your way for lunch or you could venture down Bourbon on an early evening. Either way, once you are there, you have to order a monsoon.
8. Carousel Bar, Hotel Monteleone 214 Royal Street: I don't recommend eating here but grab a seat at the carousel bar and take in the live jazz.
9. The Green Bar, 11th Floor of The Westin, 100 Rue Iberville: This is New Orleans French Quarter's unofficial "Top of the Rock" view of the Mississippi River and the French Quarter itself. You could grab breakfast here as well. May not be culinarily speaking, the best, but the view is spectacular. They have sofa's and chairs lining the huge windows overlooking the quarter if you care to order a drink and lounge.
10. Pat O'Briens (Pat O's), 718 St Peters Street: This place is a must go. The hurricane's will knock you out but not before you sing along (and you will sing along) to the dueling pianos lying just beyond a beautiful courtyard setting with fountains that are literally on fire! This is an amazing place with a really fun energy!

That's my tid-bit. I hope y'all enjoy your visit!
aargersi March 12, 2014
Mr. B's for BBQ Shrimp (in the Quarter) and skip Acme - go across the street to Felix's to slurp the raw ones. For lots of fried stuff go to Deannie's - also ice cold schooners of beer and very clean bathrooms.
aargersi March 12, 2014
Dookie Chase!
I like the muffaletta at Napolean House better than Central Grocery
Dragos (just outside the Quarter - by the casinos) for char-grilled oysters
Stanley at the back right corner of Jackson Square for gumbo, also soft shell crab eggs benedict - go at an off time.
There is a place in City pary that has amazin beignets away from the madding crowd - I forget the name but it's sort of behing the museum.

We stay at Oakview B&B right by the park - great access, great owner (Hi Mr Russell!) and then Ralph's On The Park is so close, and the bloody marys are amazing.
Allison March 12, 2014
If you are looking for charm Maison Dupuy or Soniat are the best choices. The Olivier House is close to both of those and is also so charming. Monteleone is pretty fancy and a little stuffy, but their bar is a spinning carousel and is worth a visit for a Vieux Carre' cocktail. Since you are staying in the Quarter make sure you visit all the great shops! My favorites are Forever New Orleans (two locations on Royal with different stuff in each shop), Razzle Dazzle, Bevolo (go all the way into the back courtyard), Roux Orleans, Trashy Diva, Antiques de Provence (I go mostly to look at the historic space the shop lives in), and there are a couple of great artisan shops on Royal as well. There are many other adorable shops all throughout the Quarter that I can't remember the name. I really hope you have a wonderful trip here. I moved away and moved back several years ago to raise my kids here because it's magic.
Nan March 12, 2014
Because it being the last minute our hotel choices are
Maison dupuy, ritz Monteleone, Soniat and the W
Hi Allison
We would like more charm than fancy I guess like the Ritz would be
Thank you again Allison
These are our choices being the last minute
Maison Dupuy Roosevelt Ritz, Monteleone, Soniat or the W
Allison March 12, 2014
I love Green Goddess. I can't believe I left that off my original list. Delicious food, great seating.
Chef L. March 12, 2014
I'll chime in, since I spent the better part of my life there: as Allison mentions, the Columns would be a great place; even if you don't stay there, it's a great place for a cocktail on the porch. For food, Windsor Court is classic. Consider the Turtle Soup, prepared table side. An out of the way, very small place is Green Goddess, but only if the weather is great (outdoor seating). Have a blast!
bigpan March 12, 2014
Rent a car and get out of town ! A half hour drive is enough. Go up river to Donalsonville or around there on the west side of the river. Stop at any gas station you see with a "café" sign and picnic tables outside. Order some po-boys. The real deal - not the city stuff. Don't wear good clothes because you will be splashing food all over yourself with delight at the taste.
Allison March 11, 2014
To be closer to the nightlife in the Quarter there are so many great hotels downtown. There are some great independent hotel options in the Quarter as well as tons of chains. As @Diana B there are also a lot of hotels on St. Charles, some chains, some independent...The Columns is independent, and the Parkview Guest House is lovely, but much further down St. Charles. We have great B&Bs here, but I would stick to locations on Prytania Street only because that is very walkable to St. Charles for the streetcar. Finally, AirBNB has some great options in the Quarter, which again, I would do if you have no car. Also, here is a great walking tour- It was recommended to me and I loved it, and we've recommended it to friends who have also love it. You learn a lot of cool history and get to visit some private courtyards in the Quarter. Feel free to ask any other questions. I love New Orleans and I want everyone to love it as much as me!
Diana B. March 11, 2014
I'm not Allison, but I liked Avenue Plaza Resort, 2111 St. Charles Avenue, which is very close to the Garden District (do take a walking tour) and right on the streetcar line to take you right down to the French Quarter, which is a little too noisy for my taste to stay in.
Nan March 11, 2014
Thank you all so much @ Allison can you recommend what area to stay at & which hotel would be nice for all locations.
Allison March 11, 2014
I live in much good food...
Commander's Palace is old school, beautiful, and delicious
Parkway Bakery for poboys
Sucre or La Boulangerie for desserts
La Crepe Nanou is in my top 10 favorite places worldwide
Domenica in the Roosevelt Hotel
The Sazerac Bar in the Roosevelt for sazeracs
The Columns Hotel for drinks on the porch
Jacque-Imo's for the best Cajun/Creole
Pascale's Manale for bbq shrimp
Antoine's Annex on Royal has the best cheap breakfast ever, and Royal Street has amazing shopping and people watching
Have a wonderful trip!
pierino March 11, 2014
If I were heading back to the Crescent City my first meal would be at Galatoire. Maybe the only reason to set foot on Bourbon Street. Keep in mind that a lot of people who visit New Orleans expect to find "cajun" food. The traditional, old school cuisine is creole which is a mixture of French, Spanish and the work of African slave cooks. You have to work hard to find a bad meal in New Orleans but it can be done.
For the more casual fare I do like Cafe du Monde for beignets and Central Grocery for muffaletta. But one of my very favorite places is the Napoleon House on Chartres; good food and great French Quarter atmosphere.
Sarah|PickledCapers March 11, 2014
We lived in the area for four years and tried much of the unbelievable dining that New Orleans has to offer. The one we always HAD to go back to was Herbsaint. Completely non-touristy and both traditional and contemporary local fare (get an order of the frites, trust me). I would also second the Cochon recommendation and add Luke as well. If you are going to get the beignets at some point, skip Cafe du Monde and go sit in the courtyard at Cafe Beignet on Royal.
Patti I. March 11, 2014
Check out The writer has a daily food show on radio (for 25 years) and maintains this website. He has lists of the best of... I love the show and his dry humor.
CHeeb March 11, 2014
Both of these are off the beaten track but worth finding-Camellia Grill on Carrollton St is in a huge old house and serves 24 hour breakfast specialties and huge sandwiches.I'd recommend their omelets and muffelattas. The other favorite is in Houma,south of NO, 1921 Seafood on Barrow St. It is a huge Roadhouse type place in downtown Houma with the freshest seafood from the local boats. Both of these restaurants have "huge personality" wait staff. They are as enjoyable as the good food. NJOY your
Monita March 11, 2014
Was in NOLA this past Oct. Here are some restaurants that are worth looking into:
Dante’s Kitchen
Maurepa's Foods
Ruby Slipper (for brunch)
Recommended by Food52