IACP awards

What do you think this year's IACP awards say about the state of cookbook-dom? A cookbook-of-the-year that's not readily available and a bunch of other winners that aren't either.



luvcookbooks March 19, 2014
I'm a physician, so I'm not in the know much, but there are a lot of Piglet books on the IACP list-- Mast Brothers, Vegetable Literacy, etc. I own all the classics that were put on the list for this year, including my beloved Betty Crocker 1950 (my dad has the original that was my mom's) and the Saveur and Food52 websites are my very favorites (I only read Saveur but love the photography and some of the stories).
healthierkitchen March 18, 2014
Here's a link to the list:
healthierkitchen March 18, 2014
and to Kristen Miglore!
cookinginvictoria March 17, 2014
Interesting . . . thanks for the link, greenstuff. Great to see a list of winners. Warmest congrats to Amanda, Merrill and the rest of the Food52 team for being named best culinary website along with Saveur magazine's website!
Greenstuff March 17, 2014
I got an email from Jessica's Biscuit on line cookbook store (ecookbooks.com), that made the situation really obvious, because so many winners were "not available at this time." You're right--the official site is hard to navigate! But here's a list I found by googling http://eater.com/archives/2014/03/15/iacp-announces-2014-food-writing-award-winners.php
Diana B. March 17, 2014
Their site makes it nearly impossible to find out who the winners are - I've been clicking for the last five minutes and just going around in circles. Can you give us a link to the winners?
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