How long to grill pork chops

  • Posted by: bobby
  • March 22, 2014


bigpan March 23, 2014
I was going to say "until they are done " but Pierino is right
More people should invest in a good instant read thermometer !
The L. March 22, 2014
What pierino said - the thickness & cut will go a long way towards determining doneness. I use the finger/thumb method & never take a chop past middle finger to thumb.

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pierino March 22, 2014
That really depends on the thickness of the chop and how hot your grill is. The best test for doness is to use a really good instant read thermometer such as a Thermapen. Personally I aim for 145F. The USDA leans toward overkill and recommends 160F which is almost certain to give you a dry chop. A thick chop should take at most 20 minutes. Turn only ONCE. It's okay to rotate a quarter of the way clockwise (or counter clockwise) for some grill marks.
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